Frying Tong with Strainer Stainless Steel
With a strainer on the one side is convenient for taking out the Fried food, drain oilOn the other side has a delicate hollow out designGreat for salad, BBQ, cooking, bread and cakeCan clip the bread,biscuit,salad, pastry, fruit,steak,deli,vegetables etc.
Rs.399.00 Rs.285.00
3 Pcs Silicone Spatula BBQ Brush Spoon Kitchen Tool Set
Cooking Utensil Set is the item type.Silicon is the material of choice.Color: Assorted coloursCooking utensils: 1 pc Spatula Scraper + 1 pc Brush + 1 pc Spoon
Rs.410.00 Rs.285.00
4 pcs Silicone Mixing Spoon High-Grade Solid
HEAT-RESISTANT--The silicone spoon spatulas are made of food-grade silicone, perfect for coated & non-stick cookware and healthy to use. Heat resistant up to 500℉, safe for use with hot foods and around the cook top and dishwasher safe. NICE to...
Rs.1,300.00 Rs.960.00
Set of 10 Measuring Cups and Spoons
.Small and lightweight, easy to store..10 Pcs measuring cup and spoon set for kitchen baking..This set provides quick measurements, saving your time..Includes 10 measuring tools, 5 cups and 5 spoons..material, durable and harmless.Each cup or spoon is clearly marked with...
Rs.400.00 Rs.340.00
Skimmer Nylon Steel Heat Resistant
CLASSIC SKIMMER SPOON: its wide, perforated bowl lifts scum while liquids drain, and its long stainless steel handle is comfy to use GENTLE ON NON STICK COATINGS: thank to its nylon head, you can scoop right to the bottom of...
Rs.520.00 Rs.450.00
12 PCS And 4 Color Wooden Handle Silicone
12 PCS And 4 Color Wooden Handle Silicone Kitchenware Healthy Cookware Spatula Soup Spoon Brush Ladle Pasta Colander Non-stick Cookware Kitchen Tools Color: Blue, green, darkgrey, pink Material: Wooden Handle Silicone Kitchenware Size: 25-32cm Features and Benefits: 【Food Grade Silicone】...
Rs.4,300.00 Rs.3,670.00
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